The Remarkable Success Story of Mainstreet IT Solutions: Lessons from Nick Martin on the SuperOps.AI Podcast


A Stellar Example of MSP Growth and Evolution

Nick Martin’s extraordinary journey alongside his father, Lonnie, in turning Mainstreet IT Solutions into a million-dollar Managed Service Provider (MSP) has become an inspiring narrative for those seeking to make their mark in the industry. The determined father-son duo’s decision to delve deeper into the managed IT services business model in 2017 led to a significant transformation of their company. By 2019, after extensive research and numerous client interactions, they successfully phased out their break/fix IT services, firmly establishing themselves as a managed IT service provider.

Harnessing the Potential of Community Support and Peer Groups

The guidance and encouragement from peer groups and social media networks played a pivotal role in shaping Mainstreet IT Solutions’ success. Engaging with industry professionals who generously shared their experiences enabled Nick and Lonnie to gain invaluable insights that informed their strategic decisions. This powerful community support helped guide them through the challenges and opportunities they faced as they ventured into managed IT services.

Adopting a Client-Focused Approach in Transitioning to Managed IT Services

The shift to managed IT services required a carefully designed strategy considering the company’s and its clients’ best interests. The Mainstreet IT Solutions team meticulously evaluated their client base and developed a communication plan highlighting the mutual benefits of adopting managed services. They were keen on ensuring clients understood this new approach would create a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

For clients not initially open to managed IT services, the company created an action plan to help them find alternative IT service providers more aligned with their unique needs. This empathetic, client-centric strategy underlined Mainstreet IT Solutions’ commitment to their client’s well-being, even when a continuing relationship was no longer feasible.

Building a Strong Reputation through Quality Service, Effective Marketing, and Client Attraction

The sustained growth of Mainstreet IT Solutions is largely attributed to its ability to attract new clients seeking first-rate managed IT service agreements. The company’s outstanding reputation, strategic marketing efforts, and dedication to providing exceptional service have allowed it to stand out in a competitive market. Mainstreet IT Solutions has built a thriving and sustainable business by prioritizing these elements over being the most affordable option.

Implementing Efficient Leadership and Delegation Strategies for Operational Success

One crucial factor driving Mainstreet IT Solutions’ growth was the establishment of clear roles and responsibilities within the organization. The company identified team members best suited to lead on various client issues, staffing challenges, and other business and HR matters. This approach fostered efficient problem resolution and streamlined operations, encouraging collaboration and discussions among team members.


Nick Martin’s incredible journey with Mainstreet IT Solutions offers invaluable lessons for entrepreneurs looking to build a prosperous MSP. Nick and his father developed a client-centric approach that prioritized quality service over mere cost-saving by seeking support from peer groups and wholeheartedly embracing managed IT services. Furthermore, their focus on effective marketing, reputation building, and efficient delegation of responsibilities has allowed Mainstreet IT Solutions to experience remarkable growth and become an industry leader.