Sunday, December 3, 2023

Can MSPs Advise Financial Firms on the August 2023 SEC Cybersecurity Policies

Stay informed on the latest developments in cybersecurity policies with MSP Tech News. Dive into the impactful changes introduced by the August 2023 SEC cybersecurity policies. Gain insights, expert analyses, and strategic perspectives to fortify your cyber defenses and ensure compliance in the dynamic landscape of financial security regulations.

Is Connectwise a Sinking Ship?

Dive into the discussion on ConnectWise's trajectory as one employee shares their perspective. Explore the insights on whether ConnectWise is facing challenges and the implications for its future. Get an insider's take on the current state of the company and the potential factors contributing to its perceived challenges.

VC3 Acquires Ohio-based IT Services Provider, GO Concepts

VC3 acquires GO Concepts, a leading IT services provider based in Ohio. This strategic move enhances VC3's national presence and strengthens its capabilities in delivering top-notch IT services, business continuity, cybersecurity solutions, and cloud services. Explore the benefits of this acquisition for expanded and improved technology solutions.

How To Choose The Right Multiclient Network Monitoring Tool For Your Business

Did you know? According to Fortune Business Insights, the managed service market will reach around $557.10 billion by 2028 at a compound annual growth rate of 12.6%.
23 and me security breach

What to Do If You’re Concerned About the 23andMe Breach

Stay informed about the recent 23andMe data breach and learn crucial security tips in Blake Schwank's Cyber Saturday update. Protect your personal information and enhance your online security.
Microsoft 365

Where Does Your MSP Source Microsoft 365 Licensing?

Discover where your MSP sources Microsoft 365 licensing. Ensure your clients receive reliable and cost-effective solutions with expert insights and recommendations.
evaluate competitors

Comprehensive Guide to Evaluating Business Rivals

Unlock the competitive edge with our Comprehensive Guide to Evaluating Business Rivals at MSP Tech. Discover expert insights and strategies for staying ahead in the business world. Gain a deeper understanding of your competition and supercharge your success today!
Customers Or Clients

Stop Calling Clients…Customers

Explore the nuanced distinction between 'clients' and 'customers' in the context of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in the latest MSP Tech News. Understand the impact of terminological choices on business relationships and service perceptions. Dive into strategies that position your MSP effectively in the competitive tech market, enhancing client loyalty and fostering sustainable business growth by aligning your services with the expectations and needs of a dedicated clientele.
Enterprise Password Management

Velocity IT Releases 2024 Enterprise Password Management Guide

Dive into Velocity IT's 2024 Enterprise Password Management Guide: a comprehensive resource equipping businesses with the latest strategies and tools for optimal cybersecurity. Stay ahead of threats and ensure data integrity.
Cybersecurity Awareness Month In Columbus

First Time Senders And The Threat Of Phishing Attacks

Discover the potential dangers associated with emails from first-time senders and how they can lead to phishing attacks. Equip yourself with knowledge to spot and thwart these cybersecurity threats.