Friday, September 29, 2023
Cyber Security Is EVERYONE's JOB

Cybersecurity: A Collective Responsibility Beyond the IT Department

In the face of rising cyber threats, experts stress that cybersecurity goes beyond the realms of IT departments and managed service providers (MSPs). Cybercriminals increasingly exploit human error, making users the first line of defense. An effective security culture adopting a 'verify then trust' approach, regular awareness training, and adherence to security protocols can transform every employee into a potent guardian of their organization's cyber fortress, experts argue. The collective effort towards cybersecurity is imperative in our increasingly digitized and interconnected world.
Italy Bans ChatGPT

Italy Imposes Ban on ChatGPT Over Mounting Privacy Concerns

In a groundbreaking move, Italy's privacy watchdog has banned ChatGPT, the AI language model developed by OpenAI, due to growing concerns over data breaches and privacy issues. The ban has prompted industry leaders to call for prioritizing data protection and privacy in AI development. The decision marks the first instance of a nation explicitly banning the AI tool and raises questions about the future of AI technology and its impact on user privacy. As the industry faces increased scrutiny, developers must balance innovation and protecting user privacy to ensure the responsible deployment of AI-powered applications.

What MSPs Think Of PC Matic

PC Matic automates your whitelisting and blacklisting process. Once the program has been installed, it scans your computer's programs.
Colorado Department Of Higher Education

Colorado Department Of Higher Education Hit With Massive Data Breach

The data breach at the Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) stands as today's most pressing narrative in the cybersecurity domain.
Cyber Security Certifications In 2021

Why MSPs Must Have Cyber Security Certifications In 2021

Too many industry leaders are learning hard lessons that not all IT managed service providers (MSPs) are created equal. In fact, many market themselves as so-called “cybersecurity experts” without having the certification to back it up.
DIA Members Issue Critical Cybersecurity Warning To Dental Practices

DIA Members Issue Critical Cybersecurity Warning To Dental Practices

Large dental practices across the United States face significant cybersecurity risks, and dental CFOs must take these threats seriously. Partnering with a Dental Integrators Association member can provide dental practices with the peace of mind that their IT and cybersecurity needs are in the hands of experienced professionals who understand the unique challenges and requirements of the dental industry.
Fake Browser Extensions for ChatGPT

Malicious ChatGPT Browser Extensions Targeting Facebook Users Discovered

Security experts have discovered a new threat to online security in the form of fake ChatGPT browser extensions. These malicious extensions can be used to hijack Facebook accounts and steal sensitive information. Attackers can potentially use the victim's Facebook account to spread malware or ransomware through the social media platform. In response to this threat, cybersecurity experts are urging users to remain vigilant and take proactive measures to protect their online privacy and security. By using strong passwords, installing software from trusted sources, and enabling security features, users can safeguard their online accounts and stay safe in today's digital landscape.
The Importance of Password Management Systems

The Crucial Role of Password Management Systems in Cybersecurity

Managing passwords is a critical element of cybersecurity, and corporations should prioritize its implementation to protect their valuable data and resources.
Cyber Resilience

Cyber Resilience Now More Critical Than Ever

Delve into the evolving world of cyber resilience with insights from industry experts Kevin Kahn, Steve Schafer, and Duleep Pillai. Learn how it surpasses traditional cybersecurity, preparing organizations not just to combat threats, but thrive amidst them.
Cisco Umbrella and Duo

Supercharge Remote Security with Cisco Umbrella and Duo

Discover how the combination of Cisco Umbrella and Duo can help secure your organization from cyberthreats and ransomware attacks.