Friday, September 29, 2023
Password-Less Authentication

Password-Less Authentication: A More Secure and Convenient Way to Access Your Online Accounts

Password-less authentication replaces traditional passwords with alternative forms of authentication, including biometric authentication, security keys, and one-time passwords (OTPs). This innovative security approach eliminates the need for users to remember passwords, which can be difficult and lead to security vulnerabilities, and instead provides more secure and convenient authentication methods.
Hackers Love Companies Running Unsupported Software

Unsupported Software – What it is, Why it Matters, and How to Solve it

Unsupported software can be a significant problem for businesses, and it's easy to understand why. When software is no longer supported by its manufacturer, it implies that there will be no additional updates or security patches provided for it.
telemarketing tips

10 Proven Cold Calling Tips to Boost Your MSP Sales Leads

Learn the top 10 cold calling tips to build your sales lead funnel. From building rapport to leveraging technology, we have got you covered.
Selling Cybersecurity Solutions

5 Powerful Tactics to Win Decision-Makers: The Ultimate Guide to Selling Cybersecurity Solutions

In this article, we provide five powerful tactics to help decision-makers in businesses understand the importance of investing in cybersecurity solutions. Through demonstrating the risks, explaining the benefits, showing data and statistics, addressing concerns, and providing ongoing support, businesses can protect their data and their reputation from cyberattacks.
Cybersecurity Talent Gap

Uncovering The Ultimate Solution to Bridge the Cybersecurity Talent Gap

This article delves into how SOC as a Service is a cost-effective solution to bridge the cybersecurity talent gap, according to insights from industry experts. Discover how this managed security service offers 24/7 monitoring, access to skilled professionals, scalability, and advanced tools and technologies to provide a flexible and adaptable solution for businesses in today's digital landscape.
Top iphone tips

Top Tech Tips from Industry Experts to Enhance Your iPhone Usage

As an iPhone user, you always look for ways to make the most of your device. Whether customizing your Control Center, using Siri Shortcuts or managing your battery life, there are plenty of tips and tricks to help you maximize your iPhone experience.
Lawyer AI

The Rise of AI in Law Firms

The Rise of AI in Law Firms: How Technology is Revolutionizing Legal Practice Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming the legal industry, and law firms...
Fire Your IT Company

Should I Fire My Managed IT Services Company?

Small businesses across the country are taking control of their IT services by firing their current providers and hiring innovative companies.
MIcrosoft Whiteboard

What Is Microsoft Whiteboard?

What is Microsoft Whiteboard? Microsoft partners from around North America offer their insights into Microsoft Whiteboard and how organizations can use Microsoft Whiteboard with remote staff and everyone on their team.
Microsoft OneDrive Ransomware

Can Ransomware Infect OneDrive?

Troy Drever and Jon Fausz offer key strategies to help organizations protect their Microsoft OneDrive files from ransomware infection.