SSD Hard Drive

Are HDDs Being Replaced By SSDs?

Solid-state drives (SSD) are becoming more of a trend given how inexpensive they have become.
Dental Office IT Services

Why Do Dental Practices Need To Consider Managed IT Services?

A serious loss of efficiency and waste of money often occur when dental professionals are not getting 100% of the benefits that they should be getting from their information technology. But, keeping a dental office IT support expert on staff is not feasible for most dental practices, and even if it was, one IT employee is not likely to keep up to date on IT industry advancements in knowledge.
Government Regulations In The IT Industry

Are Government Regulations Coming To The MSP Industry?

The MSP industry could face stricter government regulations over the coming year as attacks on vulnerable managed service providers (MSPs) continue to rise. There is...
Clio Partner in North Carolina

Recent News From Clio And The Benefit To NC Law Firms

Parkway Tech is a proud partner of Clio—one of the United States' leading cloud-based legal office software providers. For Parkway Tech, as a legal only IT company, partnering with Clio brings the IT industry's most advanced solutions to our client law firms in North Carolina and throughout the United States. Clio will soon roll out the latest generation of its comprehensive law firm software platform, which promises exceptional benefits for small and medium-sized legal offices.
Digital Technology Roadmap

Discover Everything You Need To Keep Your Digital Strategy Roadmap Up To Date Successfully

As technologies such as the internet, humanized big data, blockchain, automation, AR/VR, and artificial intelligence have spread their roots deep into the business landscape, digital strategy is now a vital driver of the global economy.
Law Firm Technology

How Not To Sell Managed IT Services To CFOs

Selling managed IT services to CFOs is markedly different than selling to CIOs for a wide variety of reasons from the messages that you need to use to how you need to pitch the value proposition