Sunday, May 28, 2023
Steller Customer Service

Losing Customers? Fix This Now

Is your business known for its stellar customer service? If not, your marketing and advertising campaigns could be in vain.
Why Are So Many MSPs Broken

Why Are So Many MSPs Broken?

Why Are So Many MSPs Broken? Businesses fail for all sorts of reasons — some out of the company’s control, but some very much in...
CMO and Technology Decisions

Will The CMO Make Tough Technology Decisions Soon?

As time goes on, CMOs are increasingly finding themselves needing to make tough technology decisions. Their responsibilities will likely grow in the furture.
Onsite Computer Work

Considering a Return to Onsite Work?

As public health measures recede nationwide, many employers are reassessing their remote workforce operations to determine what the best staffing model may be going forward.
CRN Pioneer 250 Award Winning

BACS Consulting Group Awarded Pioneer 250 Award by CRN

BACS Consulting Group, a North American IT service company, has been recognized by CRN for their exceptional services and technology stewardship with the Pioneer 250 award for 2023. The Pioneer 250 award highlights the top 250 IT service companies in North America that have demonstrated leadership in providing managed services. Peer Group members, including Mark Veldhoff of Envizion IT, Lisa Mitchell of Progressive Computer Systems, and Adam Bowles of ACT360, have congratulated BACS Consulting Group on their achievement, citing their commitment to digital transformation and innovative solutions as key drivers of their success. BACS Consulting Group's recognition with the Pioneer 250 award reinforces their position as a leading IT service provider in North America.
Oracle Database Services

Oracle Database 19c Include Key Upgrades to Boost Stability

Want to take advantage of the latest and greatest upgrades from Oracle? Your business shouldn't miss out on upgrading to the newest version -- Oracle 19c.  
Customer Sensitive Data

Critical Tips MSPs Must Take To Protect Customer Sensitive Data

The Houston IT services team at ICS recommends the following strategies to help keep your customer sensitive data secure.
How to Manage Client Employee New Hires During a Pandemic

How to Manage Client Employee New Hires During a Pandemic

Sixty-nine percent of employees who go through effective onboarding are more likely to stay with an employer for a minimum of 3 years
Information Technology Director

More Companies Opting to Outsource Information Technology Director Role for Increased Efficiency and Cost...

Over the past few years, there has been a noticeable trend among companies in how they manage their technology infrastructure, with many choosing to outsource their information technology director role to third-party providers.
Email Marketing

Master Your MSP Email Marketing in Under 5 Minutes

MSP marketing expert Stuart Crawford recently revealed in a video his insights on how MSPs can leverage fundamental tools such as ChatGPT and Mailchimp to quickly become proficient in email marketing and drive new business growth.