Microsoft 365 Data Loss

Data loss can be costly and hugely frustrating for Microsoft 365 subscribers. This is where your data is either corrupted or stolen by malicious individuals. It is easier to lose sensitive information with Microsoft 365 accounts when you share it with several people. Therefore, you should implement appropriate measures to prevent a data breach and any consequences of having your data in the wrong hands. Microsoft understands the importance of mission-critical data and has different ways of protecting important information.

ICS helps our clients throughout Texas with some of the following security and compliance tools that can help reduce data loss or keep the data breach minimum.

Encrypt Your Emails

One important strategy to prevent Microsoft 365 data loss is to encrypt classified information. The encryption protects data breaches by making the files unreadable to unauthorized persons, thus preventing data loss. This means hackers trying to intercept your emails will remain frustrated with the inability to access important information. Since Microsoft 365 entails sharing files and emails regularly, encryption should be a must for everyone. When all mission-critical information is encrypted, it makes data safe and reduces the chances of data loss. It prevents unauthorized access to the account using secret codes.

Use Multifactor Authentication

A multifactor authentication works by preventing unauthorized access to your devices. When your system is protected by multifactor authentication, you have an additional security and protection layer against data loss. Instead of relying on a single authentication such as a password to safeguard your Microsoft 365 account, you should use more than one authentication to make it difficult for hackers to access your account. This will reduce the risk of cybercriminals hacking your account since they have to guess passwords and provide another authentication factor before getting permission.

Secure Mobile Devices

You can prevent data loss in your Microsoft 365 by ensuring all your devices and software are secure. Securing personal devices such as smartphones and tablets is critical in protecting your organization data since they are used to access work documents. The mobile devices will contain emails, calendars, and other work contacts that can be easily accessed if they are not protected. One way of securing your device is by updating the system to get rid of any loopholes or using firewalls to prevent users from accessing sensitive information. You can also install mobile device management features that allow you to manage security policies and access any permissions or restrictions.

Use Role-Based Access Control

Access control can prevent data loss by letting you decide who can access specific files and documents in an organization. There is a feature in Microsoft 365 that will limit the flow of sensitive information across your staff. For example, with role-based access control, you can determine which user can access the mission-critical information and who is not authorized. This is a critical aspect of preventing data loss through access management. It will also prevent a data breach that happens with unauthorized access.

Take Advantage Of Policy Alert

You can prevent Microsoft 365 data loss by placing a policy alert that functions as a notification. This policy alert in Microsoft 365 can help prevent data loss by notifying you any time you want to send confidential information. The alert will pop up to sound a warning whenever an employee sends information to contacts who are not listed in the company network. It is a critical method of preventing Microsoft 365 data loss through preemptive warning, which prevents data leaks from unauthorized users.

Bottom Line

Microsoft 365 offers its users the ability to share data regularly. While this is an important development for organizations, there is a risk of potential data loss that can be costly. The data breach and loss can result in numerous costs to your organization with devastating impacts. It would be best if you put in place measures to prevent data loss as you share with others and protect sensitive and valuable data.