FTC Safeguards Rule

Alliance Technology Partners Leads the Charge in St. Louis: Safeguarding Businesses and 1 Million Computer Users from Cyber Threats

As the June 9, 2023 enforcement date for the revised Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Safeguards Rule approaches, St. Louis businesses in the financial services sector are gearing up to adapt to the enhanced data security requirements. Alliance Technology Partners, a local technology consulting firm, has taken up the mantle to assist organizations in ensuring compliance and protecting their customers’ information from cybersecurity breaches, ransomware attacks, and data breaches. The company has set a bold goal of safeguarding one million computer users in the area from such threats.

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Alliance Technology Partners: A Comprehensive Approach to Compliance

Alliance Technology Partners offers an extensive range of services to support St. Louis businesses in meeting the requirements of the FTC Safeguards Rule. Their all-encompassing approach includes:

  1. FTC Safeguards audits and risk assessments: Alliance Technology Partners conducts thorough audits of businesses’ information security programs, assessing their current state and identifying non-compliance or potential vulnerability areas. Their in-depth risk assessments evaluate the effectiveness of security controls, identify potential threats, and recommend appropriate countermeasures.
  2. Data security program implementation: The consulting firm helps organizations implement the necessary data security program elements, such as access controls, data inventory and classification, secure data disposal, encryption, and incident response planning. This ensures businesses maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date information security program in compliance with the Safeguards Rule.
  3. Third-party service provider oversight: Recognizing the potential risks posed by third-party service providers, Alliance Technology Partners assists businesses in establishing processes to oversee these providers, ensuring that they maintain the required security measures to protect customer information.
  4. Ongoing support and monitoring: Alliance Technology Partners provides ongoing support and monitoring services to keep businesses in compliance with the revised rule and adapt to evolving cybersecurity threats. This includes guidance on maintaining compliance with the Safeguards Rule and staying informed about the latest cyber threats.

The Ambitious Goal: Protecting One Million Computer Users

Alliance Technology Partners’ bold objective of shielding one million computer users in the St. Louis area from cybersecurity breaches, ransomware attacks, and data breaches demonstrates the company’s commitment to enhancing data security in the region. This ambitious goal is expected to positively impact the community, creating a more secure digital landscape and fostering trust between businesses and their customers.

Insights from Bryan Ferrario, Alliance Technology Partners

Bryan Ferrario, a senior executive at Alliance Technology Partners, stresses the importance of organizations meeting the requirements of the FTC Safeguard rules:

“In today’s increasingly connected world, businesses must prioritize data security. Complying with the FTC Safeguards Rule is not just a legal requirement but a moral responsibility. Alliance Technology Partners aims to support St. Louis businesses in their journey to compliance, helping them protect their customers’ information and, ultimately, safeguarding one million computer users from potential cyber threats.”


Alliance Technology Partners is significantly impacting the St. Louis business community by providing comprehensive support to organizations navigating the complexities of the revised FTC Safeguards Rule. With its extensive range of services and ambitious goal of protecting one million computer users from cyber threats, the company is instrumental in creating a more secure digital environment for the region. Alliance Technology Partners’ commitment and expertise will enable local businesses to maintain compliance with the Safeguards Rule and protect their customers’ valuable information in the face of ever-evolving cybersecurity challenges.