Dental Office IT Services

A serious loss of efficiency and waste of money often occur when dental professionals are not getting 100% of the benefits that they should be getting from their information technology. But, keeping a dental office IT support expert on staff is not feasible for most dental practices, and even if it was, one IT employee is not likely to keep up to date on IT industry advancements in knowledge. And, it can be difficult to find a local tech services company with sufficient specialized knowledge and experience in dental office software and systems to provide ideally suited tech support for dentistsNOVA Computer Solutions Managed IT Services provides the solution.

Dental offices need IT services that are focused on what dental offices need for HIPAA purposes, operational efficiency, profitability, and the many other specific needs of modern dental practices. IT services must support dental practice IT needs, from imaging software to invoicing, to bookkeeping and the whole spectrum of dental office software applications.

NOVA’s IT experts have a deep understanding of dental practice clinical, administrative and management software, including platforms such as PracticeWorks, Dentrix, Schick, Easy Dental, and many others. We can walk you through the process of necessary assessment of your dental office’s individual IT needs, and best practices for dental practice IT systems design and implementation.

How Can I Determine Which IT Services I Need for My Dental Practice?

Average tech support companies are not necessarily equipped with the staffing resources for 100% reliable availability of a dental office systems specialist in cases requiring urgent repair or other support. They also typically don’t have the resources of knowledge about, and long experience in dental office IT applications and systems requirements that a team of dedicated dental office IT specialists offer.

As a provider of Managed IT Services for dentists, NOVA specializes in the needs of dental practices. We utilize a precision process of assessment of each dental practice’s individual IT needs. Our experts identify inefficiencies and challenges the dentist, clinical support staff, front office, administrative and management teams are experiencing. We perform a thorough evaluation of IT systems and determine why the dentist and his or her staff are not getting the full advantage from all facets of their technology.

Designing and Implementing the Right IT Solution for Your Dental Office

After the comprehensive assessment of all hardware and software systems and applications, we apply best-practices in our process of designing a custom IT infrastructure for dental practices. The new configuration is designed to meet the unique needs of the individual dental office’s operations and to resolve issues that have been identified through the discussions with the dentist and staff and full examination of the IT system.

NOVA Computer Solutions provides IT systems and applications management that is custom-built for your individual dental practice to:

  • Ensure your IT systems and applications function optimally.
  • Increase your operational efficiency, productivity, and profitability.
  • Manage the security of your system.
  • Protect the privacy of your patient’s records.
  • Manage compliance with HIPAA regulations.
  • Support users and dental software applications your practice uses.
  • Virus protection strategies to prevent disabling viral infections.
  • User training to prevent mounting costs in low productivity and issues due to user errors.
  • Network oversight to maintain systems and ensure the security of systems and employees.
  • Monitoring and maintaining servers to keep systems functioning efficiently.
  • Procure hardware, firmware, and software at lower prices than your practice can.
  • Manage data, execute periodic backups, and recover lost files, if the need arises.
  • Provide protection to prevent unauthorized access to files containing sensitive information.
  • Continuously monitor and maintain your network remotely.
  • Administrate new hire onboarding, including email priveledges, systems permissions, etc..
  • Prevent downtime due to emergent network or application problems.
  • Provide 24/7 Help Desk support.

HIPAA Compliance

Federal regulations under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act require that dental treatment providers ensure patient privacy and security. Dentists and others handling patient information in the dental industry must evaluate their IT systems, digital records maintenance, and patient information handling practices, and must be fully knowledgeable of the relevant healthcare regulations.

NOVA dental office IT specialists have helped numerous dental practices implement the necessary process to ensure HIPAA compliance. We will ensure that all of your dental practice communications systems and patient information gathering, transmission, and records storage and maintenance processes include the specific steps you need to take in order to become and remain HIPAA compliant.

NOVA Computer Solutions for Dentists

For more information about Managed IT Services to meet the unique needs your dental office, you can Google search “Managed IT Services Dentists” or “IT Managed Services Dentists“. Or, contact NOVA Computer Solutions at any time, by calling (888) 711-3234. We’re here to answer all of your questions. Or, visit our website for additional general information about NOVA’s specialized services for dental practices.