Legal IT Services

Why should law firms work only with an IT company that is fully focused on the needs of law firms and not a generalist who works with other types of businesses?

There are important advantages of working with a tech support team that specializes in IT services for North Carolina law firms, instead of just a standard computer support company. Specialists in IT for law practices are fully focused on the specific needs of law firms. Legal IT experts are fully familiar with the specialized software and systems used for legal work, the unique security requirements for document control in law offices, accounting practices for law offices, and other unique needs of attorneys and their support staff.

Standard Managed IT Services

There are major differences in services provided by Legal IT support firm, an IT service that specializes in the particular IT needs of law firms and IT services providers that offer only general services that are not focused on the specialized software and systems used for legal work. Standard help provided for IT company clients of all types include such services as:

  • Standard Desktop Support — Providing access to effective IT help for office computer users.
  • Network Management — Network oversight to maintain optimal operations.
  • Email Administration — Setting up email accounts for new users, updating spam filters, and many other email-related tasks.
  • Web Hosting — For organizations hosting their own websites, online applications and documents, IT services provide continuous monitoring and support for both hardware- and software-based servers, to ensure uninterrupted and optimally efficient operations.
  • Security — IT management services provide IT systems security to help prevent unauthorized access to document storages, confidential client files, and other sensitive information.
  • Data Management — Management of data, executing lost data recovery and file backups, as needed, and expansion of data storage as client bases increase are all standard IT services.
  • Virus Protection — Stopping viruses from disabling your IT systems that require emergency solutions in order to get your office operations back up and running again.
  • User Training — Preventing lost productivity by providing adequate training for systems users.
  • Regulatory Compliance — Conforming network systems to any requirements of companies, or government departments that require service providers to meet standards for online engagement.
  • Managing User Accounts — On-boarding staff members, setting up various access priveledges are services offered to reduce admin time costs for IT services clients.

Specialized IT Services for Law Firms

In addition to providing all of the essential IT support services listed above, Managed IT Services for law firms provide more in-depth treatment of software applications and platforms that are designed specifically for management of all areas of operations in law practices. Just a few of the specialized legal IT solutions provided by Managed IT Services for attorneys include:

  • Legal Office IT Platforms and Software Applications Support — An experienced specialist in IT support for law offices is fully knowledgeable and skilled in solutions for issues in the array of software platforms and applications packages used by today’s lawyers and their legal office teams. Just some of the legal software platforms and applications that law office IT specialists support include:
    • MyCase
    • PracticePanther Legal Software
    • AbacusLaw
    • Firm Central
    • Clio
    • Amicus Attorney
    • Zola
    • Aderant Expert Sierra
    • Various Legal software platforms and applications
  • Legal Desktop Support — Providing rapid access to effective IT legal office computer users is essential for efficient law office administration. Having IT Help Desk support from legal practice tech specialists is an invaluable resource for maintaining maximum productivity.
  • Legal Compliance — Law office technology may be required to conform to various network systems requirements of local judiciaries and/or clients whose companies you represent. Your IT specialist must be able to provide you with effective IT systems strategies for meeting such requirements.
  • Law Practice Cyber-Security — IT specialist in cyber-security for law firms go deeper to provide higher levels of security needed to minimize serious security risks, including:
    • Two-factor authentication
    • Implementation of policies for use of only encrypted USB drives
    • Automatically encrypted, content-based email.
    • Laptop encryptions.
    • Laptop tracking technology.
    • Intrusion detection tools.
    • Intrusion prevention tools.

How Well Do Legal IT Specialists Really Understand Law Firms?

Since IT specialists are not attorneys, you may wonder how well a legal IT support specialist can really be expected to understand the inner workings of law firm technology. IT specialists for law practices are deeply knowledgeable in the platforms and integrated applications used by attorneys, legal researchers, appointment schedulers, invoicing and accounting staff.

The legal IT support specialist understands the urgency of emergent issues with software for pdf conversion, document management, time and billing accounting, document automation and assembly, case management, among others key IT functions in lawyers’ offices.

The legal IT expert understands the unique IT needs of today’s attorneys in the courtroom, in the office, and at home and elsewhere when they want to work remotely, but must maintain cyber-security to protect confidential client information.

Parkway Tech, Law Firm IT Company, in Winston-Salem NC

Chris Michalec and the Parkway team provide IT support for North Carolina law firms. We can help your legal office operations become more efficient, achieve better communications with staff and clients, leverage technology to provide higher levels of client satisfaction and staff morale, and achieve greater profitability.

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