Apple IOS14

See How These Features Apple Added to iOS14 Are Useful for Business

You’ve probably heard that Apple recently announced the upgrades that will roll out with the newest version of its operating system, iOS14, this fall. It has already generated a lot of buzz. But are these expected changes all flash and no function? And will these features make it easier to conduct business from an iPhone or even an iPad?

The Kyocera MidAtlantic team is staying on top of the latest from Apple.

Save Time and Space On Your Phone

The fact that iPhones will now support widgets, interactive blocks that allow the user to see info or make changes directly from their home screen, has perhaps received the most attention. Apple promises that with the Smart Stack feature, the device will use time, location, or activity to display the most relevant widget to the user, potentially saving time in the process.

While widgets will add more content to the home screen, the newly-added App Library provides a place for users to view all apps without keeping them all on the home screen similar to Android’s app drawer. Even when using folders, the home screen could become quite busy, and this change cleans up the screen. Apple has also reduced how much space activities such as incoming calls and Siri will use, allowing users to view their activity in the background.

Smarter Communication Comes to the iPhone

Users will soon be able to send dedicated voice messages to their contacts via Siri, a convenient feature for those with busy schedules. Apple has also added the ability to mention (using the @) an individual in a group chat in Messages. Group chats will order user icons to show who last replied, and users will be able to reply to specific messages. Communicating with international associates will be easier thanks to Apple’s Translate app, which is currently compatible with 11 languages and will even be able to automatically detect which languages are being spoken and play translations out loud in realtime.

A feature that many professional users will find especially useful is Picture in Picture. Just like your TV allows you to keep your eye on two inputs by displaying one input in a small box in the corner, iPhones will still support the same technology. This could be useful for users as they seek or even provide tech support over FaceTime.

The Updates Don’t Stop There

If you ever wanted to use some features of an app without downloading it, you’ll now get the chance via App Clips, which incorporate some functions without requiring app installation or registration. Apple encourages businesses to use QR codes or NFC to launch App Clips, which could encourage users to download the full app.

Other upgrades include sleep tracking in the Health app, more detailed weather prediction, and enhanced cycling GPS directions. The iPhone will now be able to unlock a car and announce who is at the door via facial recognition. Increased security shows when apps activate the microphone or camera and can limit an app’s location access to the user’s approximate location.

Yet, bells and whistles may not be enough for users if Apple doesn’t deal with iOS reliability issues. And for businesses users that need their phones to be zippy, speed is also a concern. While new iOS releases always work well on the latest devices, even an iPhone that’s just a couple years old can slow to a crawl after updating to a new version of the software. Apple has already stated that iOS14 will be compatible with devices released as far back as 2015, but it won’t matter if upgrading degrades performance. iOS14 will need some behind-the-scenes fixes to ensure otherwise, especially with all these new features.