Calgary's Most Impressive IT Companies

Building relationships with top-flight Calgary IT service companies is no longer a luxury. Businesses in every sector rely on technology to carry out even the most routine tasks. When devices and systems are disrupted or fail, small, mid-sized, and large companies suffer costly work stoppages. Living and working in the technology age means that IT services are vital to achieving an organization’s goals.

Beyond completing tasks on time and on a budget, today’s companies face an onslaught of hackers attempting to infiltrate systems to steal critical company and personal information. That’s why modern businesses rely on IT excellence for technological solutions, protection, support and cutting-edge consulting. These are four of the most impressive Calgary IT service companies.

1: Titan Solutions Group Leads Calgary IT Service Companies In Hospitality Field

Calgary’s Titian Solutions Group has distinguished itself from others in the field by integrating autonomous customer service systems and delivering comprehensive results. With a reputation that spans more than 15 years in the business community, Titan expedites its customer service response time by utilizing an AutoTask ticketing system that provides real-time engagement. Although Titan continues to provide voice-based support requests, valued customers can also create a support ticket by the following means.

  • Email: Titan staff members field email IT support requests and manually create a ticket on the client’s behalf.
  • Website: The IT support outfit provides a website-based pathway to communication and ticket creation.
  • Auto Creation: IT support tickets are triggered through automated monitoring of client systems.

The improved customer service is one of the many ways that Titan continues to position itself as an IT support leader for small, mid-sized and large companies.

Although Titan has the capabilities to work across industries, the organization tends to focus on niche hospitality sector needs. Titan offers soup-to-nuts IT support and monitoring that includes everything from reservation tracking to point of sale to wireless networks. Titan’s comprehensive IT support for hospitality clients consists of the following.

  • Managed Services: Titan assumes full oversight and monitoring tasks.
  • Cybersecurity: The IT support leader closes system vulnerabilities and protects critical data.
  • VoIP: Integrating Voice of Internet Protocol technology helps valued customers lower costs.

Founded in 1999, Titan Solutions Group partners with companies to provide IT support and inform decision-makers about emerging cyber threats and technologies. Titan teams with hospitality companies to provide proactive solutions that enhance guest experience and profitability. For more information, visit Titan Solutions Group.

2. CTECH Consulting Group Keeps Calgary Businesses IT Current

Considered among the best Calgary IT Service companies, the organization was founded in 2001. The outfit places a high value on remaining current with regard to emerging technologies and providing creative solutions based on team member expertise. CTECH’s goal is to make its client’s business increasingly efficient and garner a competitive edge in their respective field.

Founder and CEO Carl Fransen brings tremendous experience and leadership to CTECH. His global perspective trails its roots back to being a world traveler, author, public speaker, and a system architect with more than two decades of experience. His passion for owning and operating a company that reflects positive family values has made a significant difference in CTECH’s client relationships.

Mr. Fransen enjoys professional affiliations with Ingram Micros: Cloud Advisory Council, the SAIT: ITCS Advisory Board and is ranked as an expert IT contributor for Global News. Fransen’s leadership enjoys a focus on continued growth and market evolution in the following ways.

  • IT Planning: CTECH aims to reduce disruption by ensuring systems are protected and responsive to a company’s evolving needs.
  • Proactive Maintenance: CTECH team members invest their efforts into thorough system reviews and checks.
  • Unlimited IT Support: The company provides 24-7 support designed to keep clients on task and productive.

The result of CTECH’s methodologies results in its clients enjoying the benefits of having a full-time IT support team through cost-effective outsourcing. For more information, visit the CTECH Consulting Group.

3. 403 Tech Offers Calgary Businesses IT Expertise

Ranked among the more recent Calgary IT service companies that are proving valuable support to the business community, 403 Tech works hand in glove with local organizations to create specialized systems that suit individual team needs.

The foundational business-to-business philosophy at 403 Tech works under the premise that proficiency begins with an understanding the companies and individual staff members can best achieve goals by utilizing technologies they gravitate toward. Rather than try to engage a client in an extensive trial and error learning curve, 403 Tech brings a wealth of expertise on a wide range of technologies and matches them to an outfit’s best practices.

Led by Southern Alberta Institute of Technology-educated CEO Scott Gallupe, 403 Tech has expertise and partnerships with popular platforms such as the following.

  • Cisco Meraki
  • Microsoft Servers
  • Dell Servers
  • Lenovo Workstations
  • Android / IOS
  • Microsoft Silver Small and Midmarket Clouds
  • Office 365

To date, this Calgary IT service company has prospered serving sectors such as oil, gas, construction, automotive and other trades since forming in 2012. Although it may be a relative upstart, 403 TECH has emerged as a valuable community resource. For more information, visit 403 TECH.

4. Pure IT Offers Customer Service Excellence Among Calgary IT Service Companies

Among the top-rated Calgary IT service companies, Pure IT remotely manages infrastructure, systems and critical usages. Among the chief reasons that Pure IT has developed a sound reputation is that the team places a high value on a culture of personal and professional accountability. The outfit appears comfortable as a full-service IT provider and shows a willingness to seamlessly engage internal teams as an additional resource or consulting expert in specific areas.

Led by CEO Troy Drever since 2010, Pure IT has leaned upon the leadership of the Mount Royal University and University of Calgary attendee’s expertise. His knowledge has its roots in business solutions through hands-on skills developed since 2000. Mr. Drever has been a rising star who began as a senior sales advisor and emerged as a prominent IT CEO. Pure IT places a high value on the following services.

  • Outsourced Support
  • Helpdesk Support
  • Project Support
  • Network Security
  • Managed IT Services
  • Cloud Migrations
  • Cloud Computing

Pure IT has served the Calgary business community for more than two decades with a penchant for small and mid-sized business support. Pure IT also touts its one point of contact customer service and focuses on protecting against data breaches. For more information, visit Pure IT.