How MSPs Can Make Money With ERP Consulting

ERP Consulting

Navigating the ERP Frontier: A New Horizon for Managed IT Service Providers

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems like Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite have transformed the business landscape, offering integration and efficiency unparalleled by other software solutions. While ERP adoption surges, particularly among medium-sized enterprises, a gap emerges the demand for expert administration. This presents a golden opportunity for Managed IT Service Providers (MSPs) to expand their repertoire and by extension, their significance in the IT ecosystem.

Through the lens of industry mavens Jeremy Kushner (BACS Consulting Group), Ashu Bhoot (Orion Networks), and Aaron Kane (CTI Technology), we explore how MSPs can grasp this burgeoning prospect.

The ERP Revolution and Why MSPs Should Be a Part of It

The interconnected nature of business functions necessitates a software solution that seamlessly brings everything together. That’s the magic of ERPs. Yet, managing these complex systems requires a specialized touch.

Jeremy Kushner from BACS Consulting Group emphasizes, “Stepping into ERP is more than broadening service capabilities; it’s about embracing a transformative role in a company’s journey. The ERP domain is intricate, but for an MSP, it’s a ticket to unparalleled growth.”

Financial Upsides: A Game Changer for MSPs

Diversifying into ERP administration isn’t merely about widening service offerings; it promises significant financial growth. Beyond administration, MSPs can explore consulting, bespoke development, and advanced integrations.

Ashu Bhoot of Orion Networks says, “The ERP space is a goldmine. We’ve witnessed MSPs scaling unprecedented heights in terms of revenue after they’ve integrated ERP services effectively.”

Making the Leap: MSPs in the ERP Realm

It’s not a mere hop from standard IT services to ERP; it’s a strategic leap:

  1. Grasp the ERP Spectrum: Dive deep into understanding giants like Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, and others. Explore their strengths, limitations, and ideal applications.
  2. Forge ERP Mastery: Onboard ERP experts or invest in advanced training for your present team. This expertise is non-negotiable.
  3. Adopt a Dual Role: Successful ERP management necessitates a blend of technical prowess and business consultancy.

Challenges & Pearls of Wisdom

This new venture isn’t without its hurdles.

Aaron Kane from CTI Technology warns, “ERP isn’t just another software. Each module can redefine business processes. It’s essential to understand the intricate dance of software and industry.”

Bhoot adds wisdom: “The ‘universal solution’ approach doesn’t work here. ERP systems must be tailored, demanding open communication channels with clients.”

Key Takeaways

  1. Emerging Opportunities: ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite present a significant growth area for Managed IT Service Providers, especially with increasing adoption among medium-sized enterprises.
  2. Expert Administration is Key: With the complexity and importance of ERPs, expert administration becomes indispensable. MSPs can fill this gap, becoming pivotal players in businesses’ ERP journeys.
  3. Significant Revenue Growth: Beyond just administration, the ERP realm offers MSPs avenues for consultancy, custom development, and integrations, potentially transforming their revenue models.
  4. Strategic Transition Needed: MSPs need a well-thought-out approach to step into ERP. This includes understanding the ERP landscape, investing in expertise, and adopting a dual tech-business consultative stance.
  5. Challenges Exist: While the ERP domain is lucrative, it has its intricacies. MSPs must be prepared to offer tailored solutions and maintain robust client communication.
  6. Evolution is Crucial: MSPs need to adapt and evolve continually in the dynamic world of IT. Embracing the ERP wave is not just an option but a necessity for those seeking sustained success and relevance.

Final Thoughts: The MSP Evolution

In the constantly evolving realm of IT, stasis is the enemy. Embracing ERP offers MSPs a fresh horizon teeming with opportunities and rewards.

Kushner aptly captures the sentiment, “Adaptation and evolution are the lifeblood of IT. For MSPs willing to traverse the ERP landscape, the future isn’t just bright; it’s luminous.”

As the ERP wave swells, MSPs equipped to ride it are poised for a journey of growth, significance, and unparalleled success.