MSPs Express Concerns With IT Glue

IT documentation management software plays an integral role in the operations of managed service providers (MSPs). Hence, the need to identify a reliable tool with the right features.

IT Glue is a leading IT documentation trusted by top-performing MSPs globally. More than 20,000 users rely on the software to handle various tasks, including securing clients’ digital footprints, password management, and other processes linked to external IT services.

For many years, users associated IT Glue with consistency, efficiency, and regular updates. However, an increased number of MSPs are beginning to raise concerns about the lack of new, robust features to meet users’ evolving needs. If left unresolved, the issues may push some MSPs to consider switching to competing offers, such as Hudu.

MSP Community Feedback

Despite the popularity of IT Glue worldwide, the software now attracts increased negative feedback. The issues raised may resonate with many professionals in the MSP space.

Here are some of the complaints raised by concerned users.

Slow Pace in Releasing Major Updates

Although managed service providers are raising several concerns about the IT Glue software, the dominant issue entails the lack of meaningful updates. In a discussion posted on Reddit, users noted the sluggish frequency in releasing new features. MSPs are unhappy that IT Glue failed to introduce significant, new features in over a year.

To many commentators, this trend is a sign that the ITG Software Inc. team has dropped the ball. The few minor updates to the software failed to meet users’ expectations. Some of the feedback also shows that users hope that the company becomes more transparent about its planned updates (IT Glue roadmaps)

These issues do not mean that IT Glue is no longer a great product. However, users appeal to ITG to continue improving the core product to meet user’s needs. To many MSPs, it appears that the firm is overly focusing on integrations while neglecting new feature updates.

Users are beginning to question the logic of sticking with IT Glue when other enterprise IT documentation software providers are more responsive to community requests. Competitors release meaningful updates and their software is available for a lower price. This scenario means that ITG needs to reorient its focus to ensure that its product does not lag behind competing offers.

One community member listed some desired IT Glue features or improvements. The features include:

  • Complete the O365 integration
  • Granular API access or security
  • Provision of custom fields for IT Glue configurations
  • The ability to export access logs for analysis by a SIEM
  • Unusual activity alerts
  • Full-featured REST API (allowing users to enjoy similar functionality in the GUI and API)

Several users agreed that items on this list enhance IT Glue’s functionality for managed service providers. Thus, the ITG team should consider meeting some of these user expectations to enhance the software’s competitiveness.

Meanwhile, competitors detected the drop in standards at IGT and are working tirelessly to close the gap between their software and IT Glue. They are responding to the MSP community’s needs by introducing new features consistently. In addition, competitors are more responsive to customers’ requests for bug fixes, which is another point of contention.

Poor Customer Support Service

MSPs also highlighted poor customer support as another area that has deteriorated over time. This weakness appears to make a bad situation worse as customers seek answers to their technical concerns. The inability to receive timely responses significantly diminishes the appeal of an otherwise great product.

IT Glue may lose even its staunchest supporters due to poor customer support and the slow pace in developing new features. Customers are questioning the IT Glue feature request forum’s relevance since the company is unresponsive to community requests.

Integration Concerns

The MSP community is also at loggerheads with some of ITG’s integration decisions. Users are unhappy about the company’s disinterest in integrating several upvoted features. One community member noted that the company disregards votes in favor of ‘velocity’ in its decision-making process.

Yet, inaction is spoiling the experience for many managed service providers who are yearning for the integration of essential features with popular tools and platforms.

In turn, countless professionals are becoming hesitant about recommending IT Glue to peers. These integration woes add another layer of discontent towards a product that performed exceptionally well in the IT documentation management space for many years.

IT Glue MSP Concerns: A Recap

The MSP community decries the dearth in developing new, highly focused features that meet specific needs. Users wonder why ITG Software Inc. fails to recognize the dynamism of technology and work tirelessly to keep up with changing trends. Technology’s constant evolution translates to an ever-growing need for more functionality in IT documentation management software.