Oracle Database Services

Want to take advantage of the latest and greatest upgrades from Oracle? Your business shouldn’t miss out on upgrading to the newest version — Oracle 19c.  

Since 1977, Oracle has been one of the primary data management solutions used in business. Since that time, Oracle has expanded their reach into the world of business intelligence, analytics, application infrastructure and middleware, leading to impressive growth over time. Today’s Oracle still maintains the same standards of excellence that were introduced decades ago, with Oracle database new features rolling out on an annual basis. The most recent addition is Oracle Database 19c, featuring a notable list of new options including REST Enabled SQL Support, Social Sign-In Authentication and more. See how you can best leverage these new features and functionality for your business.

New Functionality in Oracle Database 19c Your Business Will Love

Each year, Oracle offers business users specific upgrades that will help improve their experience, allow deeper insight into data and provider added layers of security to their database. In the 2019 release, you’ll see enhancements to user experience, tighter integrations and other shortcuts that can boost productivity for DBAs.

  • With the push for more secure solutions, Oracle has now introduced a Social Sign-In Authentication option with 19c that supports OAuth2 / OpenIDConnect standards.
  • There’s a strong push towards low-code/no-code applications, and Oracle does not want to be left out of the party. Their new Create Application Wizard reduces the complexity of adding key frameworks to an application, allowing users to more easily create a consistent look and feel with Theme Styles, page and application icons.
  • Similar to the Create Application widget, there’s also a new Create Page Wizard that allows for drill-downs into various reports. Set common Themes and call other discrete tasks with ease with this new feature.
  • Create REST enabled SQL references within shared components more easily, speeding delivery times for integrations and shared data schemas.
  • Users will appreciate the new Automatic Indexing capability, one of the Oracle database new features that is being actively touted by the company. This solution provides a faster and more streamlined method of identifying and verifying indexes.
  • Since Oracle Database is the master of data and connections, the addition of a memory-optimized module that allows for fast ingestion of IoT data is expected to dramatically boost performance.

Maintaining a complex ecosystem requires fine-tuning and a technology services provider that is comfortable working with the tools that make up your infrastructure. When you need support or help understanding how to leverage Oracle database features for your business, contact the professionals at Soft Art Solutions. We offer custom Oracle support packages and pride ourselves on providing access to highly skilled and experienced Oracle experts from around the country. Contact us today at 866-477-4435 or fill out our contact form to share details about your project needs.