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IT industry peer groups are important to our Winston-Salem, NC legal IT service.

The Parkway Tech team is living proof that the best IT support companies succeed with the help of our peers. IT community leadership groups throughout the country help fellow IT services businesses keep up to date on the very latest industry trends, creative new tech solutions, and methods for improving client services. IT peer group participants are enlightened business thinkers who all comprehend that what’s good for the industry is best for our own businesses and our clients.

IT Service — The Glue of Modern Enterprise

IT is today’s most critical service industry, now enabling virtually all other major services. The developed world works by information technology now, and not much in it works very well without well-functioning IT systems. So, is it fair to go so far as to suggest that IT service is the glue of modern civilization itself? We’ll just leave that expansive question for readers to ponder.

Our humble point is simply that the last thing anyone involved with information technology needs now is a competitive spirit in the IT services industry that does not value peer relationships. Both clients and IT support providers alike benefit most from cooperative relationships among IT help services. Peer engagement stands to help IT support providers make services to everyone’s IT clients better overall and to serve the interests of IT businesses very well in the process.

We can certainly say that Parkway Tech has become a better team of IT consultants for law firms in Winston-Salem NC, through our peer group learning opportunities.

What Do IT Services Peer Groups Do?

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to Colorado Springs for the most recent meeting of our peer group for top IT services. The event was hosted by Ulistic, an exceptionally effective IT service business marketing firm helping IT businesses grow nationwide.

Every quarter, Parkway Tech, meets with the sharpest minds in the IT services industry. The latest personal development/peer group event was hosted by Colorado Computer Support, at the Space Foundation Discovery Center. Blake and Curtis, from CCS even had us all over for a backyard BBQ on the first evening. They were really great hosts.

Per the usual meeting agenda, we hear how each of our peer participant’s businesses is doing. Then, a top Sandler Sales consultant, Dan Levitt, presented us with an outstanding 3-hour sales training session. Dan spoke on understanding how business leaders make decisions to invest in new technologies and how they come to decide that outsourcing is the best option for their IT needs.

Our peer group has about a dozen members, all outstanding IT service providers from throughout the country, from Boston MA, to Chicago IL, to Cedar City UT, and from Lakeland FL to Cincinnati OH, to Dallas TX. Excellent IT companies from great cities and regions gathered in Colorado to share experiences and knowledge and to learn from each other.

Our member companies include:

Every member of our peer group offers a perspective that is unique and that contributes important insights to the world of information technology, Together, we all help each other improve our services and grow our businesses.

Parkway’s Unique Position as the Top Legal IT Services Provider in North Carolina

Today’s IT consumers have many choices of IT services companies. Some are reliable and do great work. Others, let’s say…need some improvement. Parkway is honored to be one of the leading IT companies in the southeast United States. We’ve been serving the region for over a decade. Our experience and commitment to continual learning and improvement have brought us to the unique position of being the foremost resource for IT management for law firms in the Carolinas.

However, we know that we don’t know all there is to know. That’s why our peers are so important to our mission of providing the best possible solutions in every aspect of IT service.

At our Colorado Springs IT industry peer event, just some of the important areas of discussion on how to better serve clients’ needs included:

  • Security — Of course, cyber-crime is an increasing threat. A small business in Raleigh cannot afford to be complacent about the risks in today’s digital environment. Throughout the country, any entity that is responsible for protecting their client’s sensitive information is attractive targets for cyber-criminals. Our peer group brainstormed on ways to further improve cybersecurity for our clients’ systems.
  • Specializations — Many members of our group specialize in specific industries. We, for example, at Parkway Tech, specialize in legal IT consulting. Parkway Tech is committed to serving small business clients in western New York state. Another peer group member, GO Concepts, is dedicated to IT support for the developmental disabilities services industry throughout Ohio. Yet another member, SymTec, focuses on dental IT support.
  • Coverage — A major advantage of being a member of Ulistic’s High-Performance Club and other such peer groups is that all areas of the U.S. and Canada are covered for clients by mutual backup support from our peer group members. For example, Parkway can be 100% confident in reaching out to a peer company in New York, Dallas, or any other area from coast-to-coast for assistance in providing IT solutions, as needed.

How Peers Help Parkway Tech Be a Better NC Legal IT Services Provider

We could continue listing the benefits of participating in an amazing IT peer group like the one Ulistic has formed. (By the way, we could also emphasize how helpful Ulistic has been to our company.) We’ll just encourage you to go ahead and join an IT peer group if it’s something you’ve been interested in.

There some excellent groups around the country, like Taylor Business Groups, HTG, the Ulistic group I’ve been talking about here, and others. Associating with your IT industry peers helps you step outside of your usual methods and examine your business from a different perspective. And that is so helpful in preparing to take your business to a new level of service quality and growth.

We just wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge our peer group and what they’ve meant to our endeavors to serve our clients to the very best of our North Carolina IT team’s potential.

For More Information

Parkway Tech provides IT services for law offices in Winston-Salem, Raleigh-Durham, Greensboro, Charlotte, Concord and throughout the greater central North Carolina region. If you would like more information about our specialized legal IT services for North Carolina attorneys, contact Parkway Tech at (336) 310-9888 anytime, to schedule an appointment for a no-obligation systems assessment.

Or, if you’re a tech services provider anywhere in the U.S. and would like to discuss possible participation in IT services peer groups, we’d love to hear from you anytime.