IT Companies in San Antonio

Are you looking for a reliable San Antonio IT company? If so, be sure to ask any company you are considering the following seven questions. These questions will help you sift through IT services San Antonio to find the company that can best meet your specific needs.

1. How Will You Help us Compete Better?

How can IT services San Antonio help you compete better? There are many answers to this question. However, the answers do vary depending on which business you choose to work with. Some businesses simply offer better services than others. On the other hand, some San Antonio IT companies cater to a specific niche, be it large corporations, small business owners or a particular industry such as healthcare or the legal industry.

What are tell-tale signs that a company can help you gain an edge over your competition? Here are some to look out for:

  • The company adapts quickly to market trends
  • The company upgrades its software and tools regularly to stay on the cutting edge of technology
  • Technicians are familiar not just with IT but also your particular industry
  • Existing customers report that the company has enabled them to make measurable progress

2. What is Your Uptime Guarantee?

The standard industry uptime guarantee is 99.9%. Don’t work with a company that offers a lower guarantee or makes excuses for not being able to meet this all-important standard. It’s also a good idea to ask the IT company exactly how it prevents downtime. A good company will continually manage your applications, computers, networks and other services to not only prevent downtime but also fix it as quickly as possible should disaster strike.

3. Who Will I be Working With?

Do you know which company technicians you will be working with? Your team doesn’t always consist of the same technicians you meet when first getting to know an IT company. Some companies introduce their most experienced technicians in order to impress potential customers and then, when customers are signed up, hand over the customers to other teams that may be less experienced or competent.

Do you want to be sure a technical team is right for you? Make it a point to ask to meet them and then take some time to get to know them. Ask about their industry qualifications and experience levels. Talk to them about your industry and ask how much they know about it. Ask about how they usually communicate with customers. If you don’t feel comfortable with the team you’ll be working with, ask to be assigned to another team or consider another San Antonio IT company. If you are happy with the team, make sure the contract clearly states that the team you interviewed is the team you will be working with long-term. Any changes to your team should be run by you for approval.

4. Do You Outsource any of Your Services?

Will your IT company outsource any of its services? It is not uncommon for IT companies to use outsourcing as a way to keep costs down. Some companies outsource data storage to Azure, Amazon or some other well-known cloud service provider. Others outsource support services for after-hours and/or weekends.

Ideally, you will want to find a company that offers all or almost all of its services in-house. If you do opt to work with a company that outsources some of its tools and amenities, make sure the third-party provider is competent and experienced.

5. What Level of Security do You Offer?

Does your IT support company offer a high level of security? This is an absolute must. You can do without certain tools and amenities but you cannot risk your valuable data falling into the wrong hands.

Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly common in numerous industries and they can absolutely ruin your business. A data breach will, at the very least, result in a loss of customer trust and business. In serious instances, you could face legal action should a breach occur.

A good IT support company in San Antonio will understand the importance of protecting valuable data. To this end, the company will:

  • Regularly update anti-virus software programs to protect computers from risk
  • Monitor networks and IT equipment periodically to look for vulnerabilities and deal with them
  • Put comprehensive security guidelines in place and offer ongoing security training to your employees
  • Avoid using third-party services or only use the ones that offer good security guarantees
  • Have a specific insurance policy that offers compensation in the event of a data breach

6. Do You Offer 24/7 Assistance?

Network issues don’t just arise during regular business hours. You need 24/7/365 assistance on hand should a problem occur. The ability to address and remedy issues immediately can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Don’t settle for a company that offers less than 24/7 assistance. You’ll also want to make sure that the IT support San Antonio is actually located in San Antonio. Outsourced support services won’t necessarily be familiar with your company and its IT needs.

7. Do You Offer Package Deals in Various Price Points?

How can you know a San Antonio IT company is really able to meet your exact needs? One way to know is if the company offers a variety of services and packages in various price points.

A good IT company understands that not all businesses are the same. Such a company will make it easy for customers to customize their service and product package to suit their exact needs and budget. What is more, good IT companies also allow customers to scale their package at any given time. Do you want more data storage space at a moment’s notice? Do you need additional security services for a particular time period? Alternatively, would you like fewer tools or services for one or a number of reasons? A company that offers scalable packages will have no problem meeting any of your needs at a moment’s notice.

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