Entry Level Engineers

The Quest for Top Entry-Level Engineers and Technicians: A Comprehensive Guide for MSPs

In the ever-evolving tech landscape, the search for competent entry-level engineers and technicians remains paramount for many Managed Service Providers (MSPs). The challenge, however, is finding suitable candidates and retaining talent that can seamlessly transition from one tier of technical support to another. For MSPs, the growth and development of a recruit are synonymous with the company’s evolution. Thus, the hunt for talent that will fill the seat and grow with the firm becomes crucial.

The Traditional Approach: Word of Mouth and Local Outreach

Historically, MSPs, especially smaller ones, have leaned heavily on local outreach and word-of-mouth referrals to find candidates. Such a strategy offers the advantage of trust—after all, a recommendation from a trusted contact often holds more weight. However, this approach has limitations regarding the reach and diversity of candidates. While it’s been effective to a certain extent, the changing dynamics of the job market and the evolving requirements of the tech industry necessitate broader horizons.

Harnessing the Power of Academia: Collaborations with Local Colleges

One such horizon is the vast talent pool that local colleges offer. Collaborating with educational institutions, especially technical colleges and universities, can be a game-changer for MSPs. Several companies are already reaping the benefits of such collaborations. For instance, some have onboarded students for paid internships, providing them a stipend while receiving partial wage reimbursements from the state. This ensures a steady stream of affordable entry-level labor and presents an opportunity to mold these interns according to the company’s ethos, enhancing the likelihood of post-graduation retention.

Furthermore, such collaborations can bolster the company’s reputation in academic circles. By engaging with students—through internships or by teaching courses after business hours—MSPs can establish a strong brand presence among the youth. Even if some students don’t eventually join the firm, they often become brand ambassadors, recommending the MSP to potential clients in their professional networks.

Exploring Newer Avenues: Job Platforms and Fairs

Broadening the recruitment drive means venturing onto platforms like Indeed and LinkedIn. These platforms serve as reservoirs of talent from diverse backgrounds, and the chances of stumbling upon a candidate that ticks all the boxes are considerably high. In addition to online platforms, attending job fairs, especially those organized by tech colleges and universities, can provide direct access to fresh talent eager to prove their mettle.

Retention: The Real Challenge

While sourcing talent might seem like the hard part, in the grand scheme of things, it’s merely the tip of the iceberg. Retaining the talent—now, that’s the real challenge. Several factors play into retention, with growth potential and pay at the forefront.

For many, growth within the company acts as a significant motivator. However, growth is not just about promotions or salary hikes. It’s about providing opportunities for skill enhancement, diversifying roles, and ensuring a clear pathway for upward mobility within the firm. For smaller MSPs, where hierarchical growth might be limited, innovation’s essential. Offering specialized training, exposure to different departments, or even providing opportunities for inter-departmental transfers can make a difference.

Compensation, too, is a key player. With the rising cost of living in many regions, competitive compensation packages have become a pivotal factor in retaining talent. It’s not just about the paycheck but also other perks and benefits, from health coverage to professional development opportunities.

Finally, feedback mechanisms, like exit interviews, can provide invaluable insights into the reasons for employee churn, helping firms rectify underlying issues.


For MSPs in today’s competitive landscape, finding and retaining entry-level engineers and technicians is multi-faceted. While traditional methods like word of mouth remain relevant, forging ties with local colleges, leveraging online job platforms, and ensuring robust retention strategies are equally crucial. By adopting a holistic approach to recruitment and retention, MSPs can ensure a steady influx of talent that aligns with the company’s present needs and contributes to its future growth.