IT Company in Oklahoma City

There are a number of IT companies in Oklahoma City that offer similar solutions for businesses to outsource their IT departments, instead of having to hire more workers. These companies provide customers with IT solutions that help small and medium-sized businesses run efficiently, while also providing solutions that allow them to focus on daily business operations instead of IT issues. These solutions are more cost-effective than hiring additional IT workers and also offer available support. Services these IT companies in Oklahoma City provide include managed services, data backup, and cloud services. Using these services can help businesses have less downtime, keep their data secure, and keep up with emerging technology trends so that they can stay ahead of the competition.

1. Easton Technology

Easton Technology is an IT support provider that helps companies throughout Oklahoma and Texas optimize their technology and maintain productive and reliable business networks. The company will give customers a completely customized IT support package that has a fair monthly rate. By partnering with Easton Technology, customers can get their tech challenges resolved, help free up staff from handling any tedious tech issues, and allow the workforce to stay focused on mission-critical tasks. Easton Technology is dedicated to providing each customer they work with reliable, round the clock support, increased uptime and reduced downtime, strategy expertise and consultative planning, quick response time and efficient problem solving, and peace of mind with secure networking strategies. Since technology is always changing, it can be challenging for businesses to keep up. This is why Easton Technology provides a solution with strategic IT consulting to help customers keep up with the ever-changing demands so businesses can focus on what matters the most. In addition to IT services, the team at Easton Technology has helped many clients implement and optimize Office 365 technology. They also help make sure the platform is updated, secured and maintained. Other services include data backup and disaster recovery, cloud services, hosting, and domain management.

2. I.T. Guys

I.T. Guys provides some different services for a wide variety of industries. These services include managed services, help desk, data protection, business IT support, and cloud computing. With managed services, customers can reduce costs and headaches that are associated with trying to manage IT themselves so that they can concentrate on business objectives. I.T. Guys offers comprehensive data backup and recovery, so businesses don’t lose valuable information. Backup and recovery services are a good way to protect from unauthorized access, theft, and natural disasters. The cloud computing services allow businesses a way to decrease IT costs while still getting improved bandwidth, along with improved data security and 24/7 tech support. Technicians at the help desk offer friendly and knowledgeable support where customers can troubleshoot problems and get things up and running again. This helps businesses avoid the cost of having to hire additional IT staff, and there is always help if a problem arises. Business IT services allow for businesses to have a custom, effective IT support solution, along with on-demand support. I.T. Guys can help with virus removal, software training, and hardware installation. I.T. Guys wants to form long-term partnerships with their clients, to help their technology keep up the pace.

3. EMSCO Solutions

EMSCO Solutions offers technology services that include desktop support, disaster recovery planning, server support, IT project management, network security, software as a service, backup data solutions, cloud computing, hardware as a service, and security training. EMSCO Solutions takes a look at emerging technologies, to properly consult regarding technology needs for businesses. The areas of focus include new IT, blockchain, artificial intelligence, security, the cloud, and high-velocity ERP. IT engineers are well versed in either Windows-based devices or Apple devices. They offer a free IT audit, to determine the best course of action, and give customers the best IT support services by fully understanding how the current systems are working and developing a unique solution. The company doesn’t offer long-term contracts and has easy to understand pricing, so customers can understand what they are paying for. When choosing EMSCO Solutions, customers get a professional team, and they aren’t left waiting for hours to get their problems resolved. Phones are answered live during business hours, or the service call is free. Some other services include email spam protection, CIO services, network infrastructure, IT project management, software as a service, hardware as a service, and network security, which includes dark web protection and security training.

4. iTology

iTology has some different services to help businesses with their IT needs. These services include backup, cloud, network, and security solutions. They offer industry-specific solutions for different sectors, including energy, law, dental, healthcare, construction, education, finance, small business, non-profit, industrial, and hospitality organizations. iTology uses image-based backups, in conjunction with folder and file-based backups, to ensure that data is safe. A backup isn’t effective unless there are three copies of the information, and their clients have never lost any data when using their services. The team will help evaluate the IT environment, to determine which, if any, of your IT services, would benefit by moving to the cloud. They will then research and test the products and systems to make sure that what you need is available when you need it and help you get the most cost-effective solutions to keep downtime low. Cloud services include local data center services, along with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure Services. The team offers comprehensive security services to ensure that what is on the network and computer isn’t available to any prying eyes. iTology stays present, to ensure your data is safe.

5. e Tech Solutions

e Tech Solutions helps small and medium-sized businesses with maintaining their IT environment, to create a cost-effective solution and give business owners peace of mind. With these managed services, e Tech Solutions becomes the IT department of the business and will oversee its technology, including monitoring and maintenance. The team will take care of all the problems so that business owners can focus on providing for customers. These managed services include PC and workstation management, which consists of system updates, spam filtering, backups, desktop support, and PCI compliance. It also includes server management, as well as firewall and network management. If a business doesn’t want its entire IT operation outsourced, then e Tech Solutions is there for project services. These include IT optimization, business continuity, cloud services, compliance, and data center relocation services. e Tech Solutions can also help businesses get to the next level with application development. The team of software developers is ready to design, develop, and customize software based on specific requirements so businesses don’t have to adapt to off the shelf software and can truly operate the way they see fit.