Toronto IT Support

Many organizations in Toronto are turning to managed IT service providers, and for good reason. If you want to be able to focus on what your organization does best, you should look for an IT company that can offer you technical support for any technical issues that arise. Here are the top Toronto IT companies of 2018.

Top Toronto IT Companies of 2018


Softchoice is a managed IT services that focus on helping organizations become more competitive, productive, and successful by taking full advantage of the capabilities of their technology. This IT company’s experts create services and solutions that give clients the opportunity to reap the benefits associated with innovative resources and tools.


Compugen is an IT company in Canada that has 30 years of experience providing partners and clients with leading technology solutions. They have a specialized program, which is called Green4Good. This specialized program gives the ability to help the organizations they’re working with dispose of outdated hardware technology in an environmentally friendly manner. Compugen works with multiple partners to ensure their customers receive the best solutions for their business goals.


Symcor is one of the best leading providers of client communications management services and business processing. This managed IT company is well-known for supporting insurance, major banks, telecommunications, and retail companies. Symcor is dedicated to the business of offering outsourced services and strives to become the best in the industry.


Cogeco Peer 1 works with organizations of all sizes, from small start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. Cogeco’s goal is to make their customers as unstoppable as possible. Cogeco focuses on providing IT infrastructure and quality support to help their clients meet their business goals in the most efficient way possible.

SHI International Corp.

SHI International is an IT solutions provider that strives to address the exact needs of their clients. Their account team has the commitment, expertise, and dedication to create custom IT solutions that are adaptable to the unique environment of the clients. This leads to the addition of world-class support at each stage. SHI International primarily forms long-term partnerships with emerging and legacy IT suppliers. SHI International Corp. is considered a leader in the IT solutions industry.

Radiant Communications

Radiant Communications refers to a single source provider that provides seamless, customizable, networking, voice solutions, cloud management, and end-to-end working solutions. They provide a full portfolio of secure, reliable and scalable voice and data services. Their team of experts offers unrivaled customer experience, leading to the creation of responsive and customized services based on the specific requirements of the clients.


TeraGo refers to an IT company that specializes in offering clients reliable infrastructure and valuable data. TeraGo was formed by experts who have a good understanding of the scale, needs, and resources of Canadian companies. This IT company focuses on providing enterprise-class solutions that will help their clients keep their data secure and their customers connected in the cloud environment.

Soroc Technology

Soroc Technology is an IT service and solution provider that offers top-notch technology and innovative solutions to the IT market in Canada. They offer technology services and solutions to help their clients architect, plan, support and deploy IT infrastructure. Their team of experts focuses on maintaining an enterprise lifestyle and delivering high-quality service.