Clio Partner in North Carolina

Parkway Tech is a proud partner of Clio—one of the United States’ leading cloud-based legal office software providers. For Parkway Tech, as a legal only IT company, partnering with Clio brings the IT industry’s most advanced solutions to our client law firms in North Carolina and throughout the United States. Clio will soon roll out the latest generation of its comprehensive law firm software platform, which promises exceptional benefits for small and medium-sized legal offices.

We’re very proud that our clients rely on Parkway for guidance on state-of-the-art legal IT software solutions. Working together with the spectacularly talented Clio team enables us to multiply our efforts in legal IT service innovations on behalf of our valued clients as well. We’re especially excited about the vast range of new possibilities for improving the legal client experience that recent changes at Clio brings to Parkway’s client law firms.

Clio Acquires Lexicata

In addition to Parkway Tech’s new partnership with Clio, we also want to let our clients know that Clio has acquired Lexicata—the premier legal practice CRM software developer. Parkway recently attended Clio’s annual conference in New Orleans, for the official announcement of the acquisition.

The Clio acquisition of Lexicata generates mega-synergies to the ongoing advantage of Parkway Tech and our clients. Together, Clio, Lexicata and Parkway Tech form a powerhouse of creative and tech development talent, affording Parkway a great wealth of new opportunities to expand the types, and elevate the quality of our Managed IT Services.

In fact, at Clio’s most recent annual conference in New Orleans, which Parkway Tech was fortunate to attend, ground-breaking new Lexicata products were announced, which will be integrated into the Clio legal practice management platform. The new Clio offerings include:

  • Clio/Lexicata Law Practice Management Applications — Provides software applications for legal case processes, attorney time and billing software, outer office management, and all major areas of legal case management and law office administration.
  • Clio/Lexicata Legal Client CRM Platform — Facilitates prompt communications, scheduling and legal case process tracking, to help law firms better manage relationships with prospective and current clients.
  • Clio/Lexicata Legal Client Intake Software — Improves organization and efficiency of communications with prospective clients and professional contacts. Automates follow up contacts, to help maximize opportunities for the law firm to strengthen its network of contacts.

Introducing Clio Grow

At the pinnacle of all of these recent spectacular legal IT software product, and client services developments for Clio, Lexicata, and Parkway Tech are plans for the upcoming unveiling of Clio Grow—the stunning evolution of the Lexicata integrated legal case and law office management platform.

Existing Lexicata legal platform technology is already the standard-bearer for law practice software platforms, offering the best in legal client case management, time and billing, and outer office software applications. The new Lexicata client-centric legal case process and law firm management platform is designed to optimize legal client engagement, in addition to its existing comprehensive functionality.

Parkway Tech, Clio Partner in North Carolina

Parkway Tech, Clio and Lexicata share a consummately client-centered legal IT products and services philosophy. We all help attorneys with small to medium-sized U.S. law firms more effectively utilize specialized law firm software and legal IT support services. Our shared vision for innovating in the legal practice management IT industry continues to bring Parkway clients the world’s latest in information technology and support.

For More Information

For information about legal software developments from Clio and Lexicata, Clio Support in North Carolina, or Managed Legal IT Services for your law firm, call Parkway Tech IT support services at (336) 310-9888. Ask to schedule an appointment for a no-obligation IT systems assessment.